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Stephen Graziani

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From Technology Sales to Workforce Management to Empowering Talent

It has been an interesting and exciting journey, rich with opportunities and challenges. I am blessed to be here now, doing what I love - helping people grow and evolve as they activate and actualize their purpose.


I believe people are creative, resourceful, and whole. They possess everything they need to have a life that is rich with accomplishment and fulfillment.

For me, coaching is a collaborative relationship that empowers people to live their best lives, uncovering truths through proactive self-exploration and discovery.

As a coach, my role is to provide support to my clients so they to enhance the skills, the resources, and the creativity they ALREADY have.

Performance Foundation

I partner with my clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. My approach is informed by the research I have done in the field of Mastery, 30 years leading technology-related organizations, Columbia University’s high impact coaching framework, the study of positive psychology, and the work I have done as a Certified Purpose Coach. I am trained to listen, to observe, and to customize my approach to enhance the skills, the resources, and the creativity that my clients ALREADY have. 

MY Clients

Typically, my clients come to coaching and workshops with an interest in discovering something new, closing a gap between where they are and where they want to be, and uncovering deeper meaning in their work and life. They are willing to devote the time, effort, or energy to learn from their own experience and explore their inner-truths. Ideally, they bring their whole-self to the conversation to find solutions and strategies to have a fulfilling life.


As a Certified Purpose Coach, I leverage Imperative’s Purpose Profile Assessment and methodologies for activating purpose to help my clients discover what brings them professional fulfillment. I also have the Mastery Wireframe and Mastery Wheel to support clients who want to build commitment to, and progression towards, mastery in their profession (i.e. doctor, sales, software development) or an area of deep interest (i.e. yoga, cooking, writing.)

Qualifications in BUSINESS

Highlights include:

Thirty-five years leading technology and technology staffing teams in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and India.

Expert in enterprise workforce solutions with a focus on "alternative work arrangements" including contingent, temporary, freelance, and remote workers.

Led organizations that recruited on more than 100,000 technology-related jobs and put more than 13,000 people to work.

Key contributor to the development of Staffing Industry Analysts' Certified Contingent Workforce Professional (CCWP) program. 

Creator of the Mastery Wireframe and supporting workshops which accelerate and sustain learning and growth for individuals and teams. 

Author of Hack Mastery, a guidebook to performance and fulfillment in the digital age. Available through 

Education and CREDENTIALS

MBA and BSc from University of San Francisco

Columbia University Certified Coaching Program (C3P)

Certified Purpose Coach, Imperative

200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher, RYT-200, Yoga Teacher Alliance

MBE (Entrepreneurship) from UCLA

Human Capital Strategist Certification from the Human Capital Institute (HCI)


Jazz pianist (learning about the challenges of mastering what I love to do)

200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher

3rd generation San Franciscan whose relatives were master flower growers