Coaching for Purpose, Mastery, and Life

Through our thought-provoking coaching process, our clients gain perspective on their current situation, aspirations, challenges, and opportunities. They are empowered to maximize their personal and professional potential. Each coaching relationship is co-created with the client to create a foundation for sustained accomplishment.

We use tools and methodologies informed by three coaching disciplines - Executive Coaching (Columbia University Certification), Purpose Coaching (Imperative Purpose Coach Certification), and Mastery Coaching (based on our primary research and discovery).

Executive Coaching

Our one-to-one executive coaching can help anyone navigate career and life challenges and seize opportunities while deepening meaning and fulfillment. Our methodology is driven by evidence and the inclusion of data from multiple perspectives. Our focus is centered on what matters most to each client and requires a foundation of mutual trust and respect.


We use Columbia University’s evidence-based coaching process and rigorously developed competencies to help clients achieve greatness. Columbia’s approach builds from executive coaching best practices paired with advanced studies in neuroscience, learning styles, and positive psychology.

Purpose Coaching

More than ever, people today are actively seeking meaningful work and personal fulfillment. They are seeking work aligned with what they value most and that supports their growth and evolution. Through the Certified Purpose Coach program, we dug into the neuroscience-backed research that revealed what fulfillment looks like—it’s about inclusion and psychological safety, making a difference, and challenging ourselves to learn and grow.

Purpose Coaching uses transformational conversations and exercises designed to cultivate a Purpose Mindset by discovering your purpose, activating purpose-driven behavior, and inspiring others to follow your lead. We leverage Executive Coaching processes and competencies to help our clients engage holistically.


Each client gets a 28-page personal purpose assessment and analysis using Imperative’s online test. Full access to Imperative’s online coaching platform is designed to help our clients align their lives to what is most important to them. Imperative is a leading researcher on Purpose in the workplace.

Stephen Graziani is one of the first Certified Purpose Coaches in the country and is trained in purpose coaching for individuals, companies, and organizations.

Mastery Coaching

Mastering what we do creates pathways for personal self-expression and illumination. Mastery in the digital age is available to almost everyone in some area of their life, be it their profession or an interest outside of work. Mastery Coaching supports our clients as they cultivate the practices of a Master, transforming their experience of learning and growth as they progress from beginner to intermediate to expert to master.

Mastery Coaching leverages our discovery that there are seven common elements in the lives of people who are not only extraordinary at what they do, but have the feeling of being fulfilled. These elements were identified after observing the careers of thousands of professionals and validated by studying the lives of fifty-two Masters. We have created the Mastery Wireframe to help our clients map their journey and progress on their path to mastery.

We combine our executive coaching processes and competencies with purpose coaching frameworks to help our clients accelerate and deepen their journey.

Talk to Stephen about which type of coaching is right for you.