Digital tools in supporting you purpose-driven journey of mastery.

Since the early 80’s, technology has played an ever-increasing role in helping people express their creativity, collaborate with others, explore new domains, and maintain healthy routines.

Purpose, mastery, performance, and fulfillment might seem an unlikely domain for technology, but we think it has its place on this most-important of journeys. We offer the following tools to our clients.

Mastery Wireframe

The Mastery Wireframe is a toolbox, companion, motivator, and online connection directly to your guides, teachers, and community. It is built to bring clarity to the Seven Elements every Master has in his or her life. It travels with you everywhere and helps you organize, manage, and share your lifelong journey.  

Based on the popular Trello app with tens of millions users, the Mastery Wireframe is tailored for people on their way to Mastery.  

  • Map your journey to Mastery

  • Organize and prioritize tasks

  • Stay on track and reward yourself

  • Be productive no matter where you are

  • Manage and share your learning assets

  • Embed URL’s, videos, PDF’s, news feeds and documents for instant access

  • Synch to Google calendar

  • Visualize milestones

  • Stay connected with your Way to Mastery course group

  • Share your journey with friends, family, and fellow travelers

  • Collaborate with Mastery coaches and domain experts

  • Receive personalized content from Way to Mastery

The Mastery Wireframe is included in all our workshops and can be easily customized for Mastery of anything - profession, craft, or hobby. They are great for building team support and collaboration. If you would like to learn more, please drop us a note at

Purpose Profile from Imperative

The Purpose Profile and Assessment is a workplace preference instrument used to determine what brings fulfillment and meaning to one’s work. Purpose is defined as the reason we work beyond financial rewards and recognition and is

When you understand what gives your work meaning and can name it, you begin to make decisions that align your actions with you purpose. The Imperative Purpose report gets to the heart of the matter. This report gives you a look into what lights you up, clarity around the impact you are seeking to make, why this is important to you, and how you are inclined to make it happen.

Each purpose assessment has been taken well over 100,000 times. purpose profile comes with personal access to the Imperative Platform for 12 months. 

Online Coaching Platform from Imperative

Every member of the team gains access to the Imperative platform where they manage their development, gain tips from our AI coach, monitor their progress, and gain insights about their teams and colleagues. Features include: 

- On-boarding

- Team and Individual Analytics

- On-going Insights

Dream and Goals Board

Manifesting our future is, in part, a function of visualizing it. In the digital age, we have access to all the resources we need to live amazing lives. Figuring out what to do and keep it all organized can be daunting. We have created a Dream/Goals Board template in Trello that helps you set your goals, organize resources, and visualize outcomes.