We believe in our collective responsibility to care for each other. For us this means helping others where we can, one way or another. So, we allocate 25% of our coaching revenue to a scholarship fund for people who can’t afford our full rate. The scholarship can be applied to coaching, workshops, or retreats. That means for every 4 hours of coaching we deliver; we give one hour of subsidized coaching to someone in need.

The type of coaching available through our scholarship is broadly applicable. Every client is unique - so you set the agenda. Your coaching can be about:

Getting things done.

Figuring out the path to take.

Finding deeper connection with yourself or with others. 

Mastering something you love to do (work? hobby?) or charting a course out of something you don’t.

Cleaning up a mess or avoiding one.

Crossing a chasm or hunkering down.

Restoring confidence or building for the first time.

Getting unblocked or getting energized.

Finding the strength to carry-on or knowing how to cut the ties.

Aligning actions with intentions; infusing doing with purpose.

Developing new skills or applying existing ones to new situations.

Rising from the ashes.

If any of these ring true for you, we invite you to apply.

All we ask is you come willing to devote the time, effort, or energy to learn from your own experience and explore your inner-truths; bring your whole-self to the conversation to find solutions, develop strategies, and get into action.