Our mission is to empower people to have lives rich with purpose, mastery, performance, and fulfillment and to help companies create environments where such people thrive.

Solutions and Services.


We help you chart your course, actualizing opportunities, find deeper meaning, and build your authentic legacy. 

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Mastery & Purpose Workshops

Purpose and Mastery workshops are where our clients come to go deep, think big, let loose, share, imagine, learn, explore.

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Hack Mastery,
A Guidebook

We wrote the book on Mastery based on our experience helping more than 13,000 people navigate their careers in technology and interviews with 52 Masters.

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 Stephen Graziani, founder of Mastery Studio

Stephen Graziani, founder of Mastery Studio


I believe that most everyone can find accomplishment and fulfillment in this day and age. Uncovering our Purpose and developing Mastery in some area of our life enables us to thrive in the digital age.

I came to this perspective during a long career in technology, where I managed hundreds of professionals, met with thousands of hiring managers and witnessed the job search and placement of more than ten thousand people. The stakes were high and change was fast as we worked with early growth and established companies including Apple, eBay, Salesforce, AT&T, Amazon, and Starbucks.

I watched some people flourish, and others stagnate. In time, I came to recognize the factors, for others and for myself. It became apparent that we could design our lives so that we become Masters of what we do. Remarkably, most of us have access to all the resources we need to make this happen.

So in 2014, I started a consulting company, Workforce Matrix, to help firms bring Mastery to their teams. My clients have been CEO’s and senior leaders seeking more than quick fixes and short-term gains. They were seeking support to be their best selves; they wanted the same for the teams. They wanted to win with integrity and to have a positive impact on the people that matter to them.

Their commitment purpose and mastery, led me to create Mastery Studio, a place where people can explore, develop, and actualize their purpose and mastery. I am 100% focused on empowering people on this journey. With established partnerships with leaders in research on purpose, education, and coaching plus our own vetted mastery model, it is exciting to see this mission unfold.

Welcome to Mastery Studio!


Purpose Powers the New Workforce

Research has proven what we intuitively knew: Purpose gives work new meaning as relationships grow deeper, impact is greater, personal growth is faster! We are partnered with Imperative to help cultivate a Purpose Mindset so work becomes playground for people to develop and apply their superpowers. Purpose-driven people thrive, purpose-driven teams perform, and purpose-driven organizations kick-ass.

Studies show that Purpose-driven companies outperform. 


They are more likely to report revenue growth.


They have greater productivity from inspired employees.


They are more likely to have employees develop into leaders.

(EY Beacon Institute, Bain & Company, Imperative Workforce Purpose Index)

There is a direct and powerful relationship between
Purpose, Mastery, Performance, and Fulfillment.