Our mission is to empower people to have lives rich with purpose, mastery, performance, and fulfillment and to help companies create environments where such people thrive.

Solutions and Services.


We help you chart your course, actualize opportunities, overcome challenges, uncover deeper meaning, and build your authentic legacy. 

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Mastery & Purpose Workshops

Our workshops and courses are intellectual and emotional retreats where you go deep, uncover, think big, let loose, share, imagine, learn, and explore.

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Hack Mastery,
A Guidebook

Hack Mastery outlines the path that leads to mastering what you love to do and reveals the transcendent joy you will discover on your journey.

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Stephen Graziani, Founder of Mastery Studio, CEO at Workforce Matrix

Stephen Graziani, Founder of Mastery Studio, CEO at Workforce Matrix


We help people thrive in the digital age.

These are changing and uncertain times - trends in technology, politics, education, economics, and the workforce are reshaping our world. We have greater access to more resources and opportunities than ever before. However, competition is fierce and standards are high. To thrive, we are called to grow and evolve, rapidly and in new ways.

I founded Mastery Studio to support people on their unique journey of professional and personal success in this new world. The frameworks and processes I use empower people at all points in their career and in different types of roles and environments:

  • CEOs and executives, managers, and individual contributors working at large corporations, start-ups, and small businesses.

  • Solo-entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professional contingent workers (we leverage extensive research on the lives of non-traditional workers and two decades of experience in the industry.)

  • People early in their careers or making transitions (check our financial assistance scholarship program.)

I believe that true success is built on these four inter-related concepts: Purpose, Mastery, Performance, and Fulfillment. The overarching goal of the coaching I provide is to help my clients have careers where all these are activated.

I am excited about what is happening in the workplace and in the world (although, I admit, it sometimes it feels overwhelming.) Still, we have no choice but to travel…so I say, let’s travel well, travel together, and make the most of our journey.

Welcome to Mastery Studio!


Purpose Powers the New Workforce

Research has proven what we intuitively knew: Purpose gives work new meaning- relationships grow deeper, impact is greater, personal growth is faster. We partnered with Imperative to gain access to tools and methodologies that we use to help our clients cultivate a Purpose Mindset. Then work becomes a playground for people to develop and apply their superpowers. Purpose-driven people thrive, purpose-driven teams outperform, and purpose-driven organizations kick-ass.

Studies show that Purpose-driven companies outperform. 


They are more likely to report revenue growth.


They have greater productivity from inspired employees.


They are more likely to have employees develop into leaders.

(EY Beacon Institute, Bain & Company, Imperative Workforce Purpose Index)

There is a direct and powerful relationship between
Purpose, Mastery, Performance, and Fulfillment.