Workshops for Purpose and Mastery


foundation course

The Mastery Foundation Workshop lays out the roadmap to Mastery of whatever you choose to do. During this workshop, you will come away with a new perspective about what is possible for you and for others. You will chart your course to Mastery.
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Purpose Course

The Purpose Mindset is a belief that each of us has the power to make our work meaningful and fulfilling. In this course you will discover your purpose, activate purpose-driven behaviors and inspire others to follow your lead.
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Sales Mastery

The Sales Mastery Workshop is for people that sell and are seeking a deeper connection to their purpose, their craft, and their customers. 
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Recruiting Mastery

The Recruiting Mastery Workshop lays the foundation for sustained success in talent acquisition. You will not only learn how to bring Mastery into your career, but also how to spot it in your candidates.
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Leadership Mastery

The Leadership Mastery Workshop provides a framework for building and managing high performance organizations. We look at how Purpose and Mastery can be activated at all levels of the organization to deepen connection and accelerate performance.
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Deep interests mastery

In this workshop we apply the principles of Mastery areas of your life where you have a deep interest but may not be your profession. We will explore how deep interests (practice yoga, play an instrument, are drawn to another culture) can become a pathway to growth and fulfillment. 
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