Leadership Mastery Workshop

Accelerate Mastery in yourself and everyone on your team. Watch Mastery's joy transform every aspect of your business.  

Mastery for Leadership lays the groundwork for building and managing high performance organizations.

Organizational Leadership is changing before our eyes. The convergence of automation, data analytics, process dis-integration, hyper-connectivity, and hyper-specialization are redefining the leadership role and the entire human capital management process.

We are entering the next stage of the Talent Era. The new employee is really a "freelance entrepreneur" - regardless of whether they are a full-time, W2 employee, a contractor through a staffing agency, or an independent contractor. Your most effective contributors are focused on becoming Masters at what they do. Most are on a self-guided path.

Are you prepared to build organizations that brings Mastery to life? Do you have the skills to empower your individual contributors to development Mastery and cultivate continued growth? Are you on a personal path of Mastery? 

This workshop is about enabling Mastery to thrive in your organization. It starts with understanding how Masters evolve and dives into a methodology that applies to any organization, in any field.



Course Agenda

New Workforce Implications for Leadership
Mastery in the Talent Era & Why it Matters Most
The Seven Elements of Mastery
Leading a Mastery-based Organization
Talent Acquisition in the Talent Era
Training, Development, and Performance Management for Mastery
Using Mastery Wireframe to Lead Teams


This course occurs over two days.  It includes two 30 minute coaching calls and access to the Way to Mastery Trello App fully configured for Leadership.

Thanks so much for today – great job- I am not the best at sitting for workshops like this but you kept my attention that it flew by – great stuff – I appreciate so much!! I can’t wait to get on your Way to Mastery Platform!
— K. Dahl, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder