Activate Your Purpose

When people discover their purpose, they become purpose-driven leaders.

What we have found is, and what is being confirmed by research, when you have a Purpose Mindset your relationship with work shifts. Possibilities begin to open up; you become braver, more focused and intentional. You find work becomes more than about money and recognition.

During this three month course, you will develop the power to make work meaningful and fulfilling. You will come to embrace the reality that your circumstances don’t define you and you will begin to develop the tools to make that so. You will discover your purpose, activate purpose-driven behaviors, and inspire others to follow your lead.

We use the latest research on Purpose from Imperative and our primary research on Mastery in the digital age.




Define Your World
Develop Your Impact Narrative
Own Your Superpowers
Align with Your Values
Expand Your Impact
Master Your Craft
Lead with Courage
Inspire Greater Impact
Champion Excellence