Recruiting Mastery Workshop

Design your life to be a Master helping companies fill positions and candidates find jobs.

The Recruiting Mastery Workshop looks at the recruiting profession through the lens of Mastery. As we enter the next stage of the Talent Era, recruiting has become the most important ingredient in the success of an organization.      

The role of the recruiter's strategy and tactics are being redefined by the convergence of automation, data analytics, process disintegration, hyper-connectivity and hyper-specialization.

The Recruiting Mastery Workshops gives recruiters a significant advantage in the marketplace - in terms of their ability to recruit talent. It also prepares recruiters to thrive as freelance entrepreneurs.  

The Recruiting Mastery Workshop transcends traditional recruiting skills training. You will come away with a new approach to developing your skills and talent - you will be on your way to becoming a Master recruiter. 

Individual recruiters and entire recruiting teams in the US and India have attended this workshop.   



Course Overview

Mastery in the Talent Era & Why it Matters
The Seven Elements of Mastery
Become a Master Recruiter
Use the Mastery Wireframe to Hire Masters
Use Way to Mastery in Other Areas of Your Life


This course occurs over two days.  It includes two video 30 minute coaching calls and access to the Mastery Wireframe that is configured for Recruiting.  


This workshop is REALLY something special! I had no idea what to expect and I am blown away!
— T. Russell, Account Delivery Manager