Sales Mastery Workshop

Access your superpowers: accelerate your career, blow away your quotas, and delight your customers as you travel the way of Sales Mastery.

The Sales Mastery Workshop is for the sales professional who loves selling and is seeking true success and fulfillment from his or her life career. 

The sales profession is changing before our eyes. The convergence of automation, data analytics, process dis-integration, hyper-connectivity, and hyper-specialization are redefining the role of the salesperson, opening up new sales strategies, and shifting sales tactics. To succeed in this market, you will need to evolve and grow continually. You must be on the path of Mastery. 

This workshop transcends traditional sales training to get to the source of power that accelerates and sustains sales performance. Here we look at performance as a function of Mastery, not tricks and tactics. Authentic success, lasting success is possible when you put your whole self into your craft.

We will show you how the Seven Elements create the alchemy of SUCCESS and FULFILLMENT. Once the sales profession, your career, and your life through the lens of a Master, you will begin to gravitate towards the Seven Elements. You will come to live the life of a Master and unleash your superpowers.

Sales Mastery is a good life. Mastery is a journey that never ends. It is one that continually renews itself with the energy of inspiration, creation, expansion, generosity, and joy. The Master Salesperson is rewarded by a deep fulfillment that transcends career advancement, commission checks, and performance awards.   



Course Agenda

Mastery's Imperative: Why Mastery Matters
The Evolution of a Master Salesperson
Seven Elements of Mastery
Your Mastery Map
Design Your Life to Become a Master in the Sales Profession
How Mastery Transforms Your Sales Career
Working Session: Build Your Sales Mastery Wireframe 


This course occurs over two days. It includes three 30-minute coaching calls and access to the Way to Mastery App fully configured for Sales.


I am excited for a future of success and fulfillment and feel that this was a significant step forward on that path. So thank you for all you put into it, and for letting me be a part of it…..Thanks again for a life-propelling day!
— S. Hetzel, Customer Success Manager for Tech Start-up