The Foundation Course

The Way to Mastery Foundation Course lays out the roadmap to Mastery. You learn about the 7 elements found in the life of every Master and how to bring Mastery into your own life.

We discuss why Mastery is essential in today's hyperconnected, complex and global economy. You come away with the tools and technology to support you on your way to Mastery. We also explore how to achieve Mastery in areas other than your profession and why this important.

The workshop is full of stories about famous masters and unknown masters. You naturally reflect on your own your life and the path you have chosen.  You might find surprising insights. In the end you will have a new lens through which to see your world - the eyes of a master.

The Way to Mastery Foundation Course workshop has benefited people from all walks of life - architects, writers, healthcare professionals, personal trainers, sales executives, finance, musicians, artists, chefs, technologists, etc. It applies if you want to develop Mastery in an area outside of your profession.



Course Agenda

Mastery's Imperative

The Evolution of a Master

Discovering What You Love to Do

Seven Elements of a Master’s Life

Design Your Life to Become a Master

Using the Mastery Wireframe


This course is 8 hours long held in a single day.  It includes two 30-minute one to one Mastery coaching calls and access to the Way to Mastery Trello App. 

“I’ve discovered big things for myself in the Mastery workshop and your tools will help me get to it. One was so obvious, a “right under my nose” type of realization but it took awhile to land there. Now I’m excited to get working!”  
— A. Trinh, Pharmacist